Fitness Apps To Build Healthy Habits

Writer : Tarlon Khoubyari

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Fitness & Tech

Your long term fitness goals are literally a few taps away. My fitness journey is one many of you may connect to. I worked out on and off for a few years but I wasn’t super motivated to do it long term. It took a long time to realize what I really liked and what works for me. Going to a gym is not my style. I get super overwhelmed with the machines, people, and noise which makes it hard for me to stay focused. If you can do that, that’s great but I learned that it doesn’t really work for me. Instead, my cousins used Classpass and I heard of other fitness apps that my friends loved so I decided to give it a shot. 

Here are some of my favorite fitness apps that really kicked my butt into shape. 


This female-founded app is one of my favorites to find classes in my area. Class pass has so many different options of studios, workouts, and classes you can try. It’s available in most cities so check to see if it’s available in yours. Their mission is to “motivate people to lead inspired lives every day by introducing and seamlessly connecting them to soul‑nurturing experience”. That sounds great, right?
How it works is you make an account, choose your city, and select your membership. To start off, I recommend doing the most basic membership to see if you like it. From there, you are taps away from a bunch of studios in your area where you can work out. You book a class and you’re good to go. I love it because I can go to any city and stay on top of my goals. Plus, you try new places that you wouldn’t otherwise known of if you had one membership to one studio/gym.

It gives flexibility and access to so much more. Another bonus feature is that if you can’t make it to a gym, they have workouts on their app you can do at home. Trust me you still feel the burn. The instructors are super helpful. If you’re someone who already goes to a gym but want to try a studio Classpass lets you do that and try something new. 


Similar to ClassPass, Mindbody gives you access to a ton of businesses in your area. Personally, I don’t like their scheduling UI design because it can be confusing. This is another version of Mindbody. I know many studios are on both but if ClassPass isn’t in your area this is a safe bet. They added a new feature where you can track what you do in a workout which is cool. And, Mindbody allows you to explore other studios as well. It’s not limited to just fitness, they also have activities you can book such as tennis or rock climbing. 


I’m not a runner by any means but my boyfriend is. He introduced me to Runkeeper when I started running outdoors. You can set duration, distance, time goals on it and it basically tracks your runs. I like the map view of where you ran after you worked out. The free version does what I need it to do. You can upgrade to get analytics and all that jazz but personally, I don’t feel it to be necessary. 

Sweat: Kayla Isines 

A lot of influencers talk about Sweat. It’s $20 a month (cheaper than ClassPass) and is designed for the female fitness community. You can be any level and do these workouts. I love that an influencer created this app to promote fitness for women because it can be intimidating to start off with. The workouts are challenging and ones you can do anywhere. You don’t need a weight or a gym to do them. They are broken up into programs so you can pick which one aligns to you. I personally haven’t used it but I know many people who have and they enjoyed it.

Nike Training Club

You can never go wrong with Nike. This is the all in one app. I go to this app for nutrition and at-home workouts. They have classes led by amazing trainers, free workouts for you to do, and any type of workout you can think of. From yoga to bodybuilding, they have it. I recommend this if you like the Nike brand.