Tips and Tricks to Look and Feel your Business Best


Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Conference season is upon us. It can be a stressful few days of handshakes, handing out business cards, and feeling like an imposter. Networking to get a new collaborator, connection, or even a new job can be stressful. Here are a few tips to amp your confidence and stand out in the crowd.

1 . Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

There is a study from 2012 that suggests that what you wear can directly affect your mood. And while you don’t want to look like you’re a “slob”, you also don’t want to be running around a conference in brand new stilettos. Comfort is important here. Dress for your best, and you’ll feel more confident. Clothing holds a lot of meaning for us (the same study above shows that subjects who wore an outfit that made them look like an artist made them feel more artistic), so if you want to be a tech CEO, dress how you would if you were one. At an interview, dress for the job you want, which also gives the added benefit of the interviewer being able to picture you as that employee too.

2. Craft an Elevator Pitch

Can you talk about your research, brand, or current job in 4-6 sentences? If not, think about this as a good exercise before the big day. Write out a couple different variants and try them on friends and family. Try and keep it short and interesting (that way they want to ask you more!). Think of yourself as a salesperson and you yourself are the product.

3. Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media

If you’re at a conference and there’s a hashtag, don’t be afraid to check out the feed! This is a great way to see who is there and start making connections. Live tweet your thoughts! Start a conversation! You never know who you might find. At an interview? Check out the social media around the job. This might give you tips to how the company/institution works and what they want in an employee. Coming into an interview with that knowledge will make you a stronger candidate. Also, surveys suggest that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring.

4. Stand Tall and Know Your Worth

Posture and confidence are key. Try and make eye contact with the people you’re speaking with, and keep a friendly, open disposition. Adjust your posture so your shoulders are back and your chest is up. Nervous? Fake it till you make it! Studies show that standing in a “Power Pose” can make you feel more confident. That said, self-assurance and confidence come from a place of self-love, so try and remind yourself before the big day what makes you special (and maybe play some pep-talk music) and keep those positive thoughts in mind throughout the day.