Smart Mirrors: The New Tech to Amp Your Beauty Routine


There is a whole brand-new field of smart beauty tech that is starting to make wave. In the future, we might have hairbrushes and curling irons that sense hair damage, or a toothbrush that teaches the proper way get your teeth pearly white. If you can think it, there’s an app for that. But what about for skin care? There’s a whole swath of “smart mirrors” on the market now that do anything from adjusting the lighting to cameras that can analyze your skin’s every pore, fine line, and blemish. And these can take your morning routine to the next level. Let’s break down the tech behind these mirrors and how you can use them.

How do smart mirrors even work?

It might look like magic, but it’s anything but. Smart mirrors are a two-way mirror with an electronic display right behind it. They can also have cameras and other accessories (like sensors or built in speakers) depending on how much the mirror can do. Think of it like a tablet with a reflective surface over top. A variety of apps and widgets can be built in, giving you not only the ability to better your beauty routine, but multi-task with things like weather updates, emails, your calendar… pretty much anything! The mirrors, of course, need to be connected to the internet and a power source, although some do come with a battery for travel.

Tech your make-up

I’m sure we’ve all been there: you’re trying to apply make-up or wash your face, and the lighting wherever you are is terrible. Is that a dark circle or an eyeliner smear? If this is a constant problem, look no further. There are mirrors that focus on this! They focus on making the lighting as natural as possible, but can hit a wide variety of light settings, so you can check if your make-up will look good during your important meeting or during your night out. They also can come with anti-fogging features so your after shower routine is faster.

The next step up is a mirror that can teach you how to put on your make-up.

This can been done several ways. For one, you can now watch make-up tutorials from places like YouTube on your mirror while you put it on. One of the newer trends in smart mirrors is one where you can even try on make-up or new hairstyles! Think of this tech like a camera filter, where is lays the “makeup” on top of the image of you. This has particularly excited the beauty industry, who are considering putting this tech in their stores so you can try on a new product without having to use a tester.

Dermatologist on the wall…

The smart mirror trend would be incomplete without one that helps your skin. There are some mirrors that tout to be like your own personal dermatologist. You can track skincare goals and get tips and tricks specific to you. All it takes for some is one photo (sans make-up, of course). The built in skin analysis tools can then track and “diagnose” different skin conditions, and recommend you products to try. These mirrors can definitely run on the pricier side, and tend to be more “all inclusive”, but if you’re having a lot of trouble with your skin and the money to spend, this could help.

Is it worth is?

There are plenty of things to consider with this new era of smart beauty. The tech can still be bulky, wired, and glitchy. They are also pretty expensive (running in the realm of $1800) although you could make your own for much cheaper! But there’s also the broader consideration: do you want to put yourself under that much scrutiny? A strong argument can be made that even a magnifying mirror makes mountains out of mole hills (almost literally), but a mirror that tracks your every flaw. Is that optimization, or obsession? That’s up to you to decide.