Leaving a Legacy of Valuable Contributions in Society

Liza Lichtinger : Founder of Future Design Station

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Photography : @maria_boguslav

Photography : @maria_boguslav

I was five years old when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was ‘to help people on the planet.’ As a child, that translated to two things; a professional martial artist or a designer of technology used to improve the human design. I ended doing the former on my free time and the latter in college. I had my eyes set on an Arts Major for college but a few months prior to starting undergrad, I had a car accident and changed my major because I had a difficult time moving. I wanted to understand the interrelation between the mind, body and social behavioral interaction so I decided to pursue Psychology and Math. During my first semester, I recall discovering a symbolic logic course under the Philosophy Department. After that class, I understood pattern matching much better and was intrigued by the interaction between humans and natural, otherworldly, and artificial patterns of intelligence. I ended up getting my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy. I had the opportunity to complete several directed individual studies in Neuroscience allowing me to enter the research and development fields of academia early on before attending Graduate and Certificate studies.  

I was introduced to STEM in a professional capacity when mentoring women at StartX (a Stanford Accelerator) during GES2016. I felt a likeness to STEM and was welcomed into the ecosystem based on shared values and goals, such as providing mentorship to empower young bright minds to maintain courage and compassion. Even between teachers and practitioners, I could feel the responsibility they felt to share best practices and that resonated with my passion to educate in a fun and valuable way.  I have spent a large portion of my career acting as an advisor and mentor to various organizations. I want to make sure that I leave a legacy of valuable contributions that will be implemented for the betterment of human evolution. If this occurs while I am still on the planet, then it shows that I have an audience. What is most precious to “leave behind” would be for humanity to understand that unless we can get everybody onto radical honesty, harmony and peace will not follow. The delicate balance of a cultivation practice is what makes leaders lead with integrity. I’d want to know that I am responsible creating a ripple effect, meaning that every person I came into contact with, regardless of the nature of the setting, came away from my interaction shifted,  breaking through various traditional constructs.