International Product Leader

Thomas Arend, Ph. D

Thomas Arend, Ph. D

Thomas was Airbnb’s Head of International Product before I started, a global platform where learners and teachers connect. I am a passionate entrepreneur and experienced international product leader with expertise in User Experience and Localization.

At Google, Thomas drove the company’s localization in over 40 languages and helped launch Google Translator Toolkit, a community-based translation tool that supports almost 400 languages and dialects. He also changed the face of the Google homepage with background image personalization.

After Google, Thomas helped launch the world’s first mobile business application for a Tablet PC device at SAP, acting as a strategic consultant to the CEO and executive team. Then, he was Twitter’s International Product Lead and Principal PM for Mozilla’s mobile effort.

Thomas is a recognized public speaker and guest professor as well as an executive product advisor at Singularity University. Today, Thomas leads a product team that drives Facebook’s international growth.

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