Twentyeight Health

Founders: Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom


The mission behind Twentyeight Health is to increase access to reproductive and sexual health for all women, regardless of socioeconomic background. 

 They offer an end-to-end experience: from online doctor consultations, rapid at-home prescription deliveries, to ongoing communication with physicians via secure messaging.

They are starting in birth control, and working hard to serve additional needs in sexual and reproductive health.

They offer an affordable out-of-pocket option and accept all insurances including Medicaid. Additionally, they donate 2% of revenues to Bedsider and NIRH, national non-profits working to improve access to reproductive and sexual health care.

With every delivery you receive, you also support these great organizations!

Twentyeight Health is founded by Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom. Amy was inspired by the user-centric nature of beauty from her time as the GM of a DTC skincare startup and is passionate about applying that approach to healthcare to create welcoming, transparent and empowering experiences for women. Bruno was formerly a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group and served the Gates Foundation, focusing on family planning. He saw the power of technology to increase healthcare access globally and want to transfer that knowledge to the US.