Providing Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare to Under-Represented Communities

Amy Fan: Co-Founder of Twentyeight Health

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Our mission at Twentyeight Health is to increase access - including education, affordability, and convenience - to sexual and reproductive healthcare.

We are starting with birth control, providing online doctor evaluations for birth control prescriptions, quick home deliveries, and secure messaging with doctors for follow up questions.

We recognize the disparities in access and health outcome for under-represented communities, including women from lower-income households and women of color so we are building the platform to be inclusive to all.

Nearly 20 million women live in contraceptive deserts and 45% of pregnancies are unintended. 

My hope is that one day, we all have access to the healthcare that we need and are empowered to live the lifestyle that we choose.

We also have a social-driven model, donating 2% of revenues to Bedsider and NIRH.

The most recent challenge we’ve had is with Big Tech, where I've seen the discrimination towards femtech first hand.

On Facebook, our page was unpublished for sharing scientific facts about the anatomy of the female reproductive system.

There is something amiss in how the policies were formed if talking about medically-based facts about the female body is flagged as "inappropriate".

Similar to what Dame Products faced trying to advertise with NY MTA, there are many policies that were created with little consideration of the female audience, which likely reflects the lack of female voices at the table.