The Creative Behind Style Engineers Worldwide

Kristen O. Bobst : Author/Creator of Style Engineers WorldWide


For most of my childhood, I wanted to be a veterinarian. However, I came to believe very strongly that I was bad at math, so I ended up leaning into writing.  I was always writing as a kid, so it was a natural path. By the time I got to my senior year in high school, I was encouraged *not* to take math (The reason being, and there is some validity to this, I guess, is that my GPA would suffer if I did.) So, when I went to take PreCal in college and it was intended as a “weed out” class, and I got very much weeded out.  Without PreCal, you can’t move forward in the maths and sciences (at least that’s how pre-reqs worked back in my day), so I focused on writing by default or fate, not sure which.

I discovered an aptitude for writing about STEM. Placing in The Next MacGyver contest (which was seeking to create a tv show with a female engineer lead) opened the doors for the rockstars at Global Tinker to develop Style Engineers Worldwide with me into the YA STEM graphic novel series and STEM resource it is today.  It’s been an awesome experience working with Global Tinker and watching SEW come to life and grow, and it can all kinda be traced back to that one phone call about making as a Next MacGyver finalist. So, thanks for the solid, Mac.

I’m not in a lab doin’ the science or programming cool Mars rovers or identifying neato as-of-yet-undescribed-by-science lemur species out in nature, but I get to write about those things and I get to interview scientists who are doing fun and important STEM work. On the creative side, creating whole new worlds around STEM concepts and scientist characters is also rewarding, and it’s amazing to experience other STEM books and movies/tv that are so popular right now like Emily Calandrelli’s Ada Lace series and the rad new MythBusters Jr. show.  People are embracing science for how cool it is and always has been. To quote Austin Powers, “It’s a very groovy time.”