Bringing Peace of Mind to Parents

Gabby Stein : Founder of Luboo

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I always wanted to be an astronomer when I was a child. I guess only because I liked looking at the stars. My father told me when I was little that there are more stars than grains of sand and that stuck with me and was (and is) a source of endless fascination. In college, I started with literature subjects. When I finished my first degree I was living in Mazatlan, Mexico selling timeshare units at a resort. I found out there that I got into law school so I thought, I may as well. My father, who is a lawyer, told me not to go. I went and to this day not sure I made the right decision.

I did not specifically think I was going to be the founder of my own startup. My journey came really organically. My husband and I have two young children. I had just returned to Australia after 15 years living overseas (in New York and Israel) and was working in my prior career in business affairs in film. One of our young children would wander off whenever we were at a large event and one day we were having lunch with a group of other parents and all thought about how cool it would be if you rent a GPS tracker at an event. My husband and I kept talking about the idea and it just seemed to slowly blossom from there.

I am now the founder of Luboo.

Luboo gives peace of mind to parents of young children in large venues and events by providing rental GPS trackers and a mobile app at a low cost. We then give the aggregated, anonymous data of visitor movement back to the venue. Essentially we are one of the first iOT services for GPS trackers and children. Our point of difference from generic trackers (apart from the iOT aspect) is that we are a rental product at low cost and we put the map of a venue on our app (rather than having to rely on google maps).