The Traveling Scientist

Evguenia Alechine : Science Communication Specialist


Growing up I wanted to change the world! I wanted to be a scientist and discover the cure for cancer or a rare disease. I always loved learning (about anything) and challenging myself to achieve higher goals. I was frustrated with the current healthcare system. I’ve suffered from atopic dermatitis since I was born and no doctor ever helped me with it, and I had the worst experiences with traditional medicine. So, at some point, I promised myself that I would find a solution myself. 

My first life changing experience was while living abroad during my Masters, which helped me start seeing my value. However, it was not after I finished my PhD and left academia that I realized that I was actually passionate about science communication and that I could make a real difference in the world by doing what I love. That was the turning point in my career.

Two years after leaving my last full-time job and one year after breaking a long-term relationship; I was working remotely as a science editor but living in Argentina, alone in a big apartment with my cat. Sad picture, right? I was working from home that day, in my PJs, ordering delivery, with no social interactions and nothing meaningful going on. One day I woke up, looked at myself and thought “WTF am I doing here when I could be following my dream of traveling the world and working anywhere on this planet???” So, I gave up my apartment, put my stuff in storage, and booked a one-way ticket to Europe (kinda like Eat, pray, love). Two months later, I was starting my life as a digital nomad and a traveler scientist.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been working in science communication mainly focused on sharing scientific knowledge about health optimization, and I’m passionate about it. However, I’m also exploring other paths that are aligned with my personal values. Recently, I’ve been selected to be part of Homeward Bound, a leadership program for women in STEM that is changing the paradigms around gender equality in positions of power and climate change. This global project will take me and other almost 100 women to Antarctica and will train us to be the leaders that our Mother Nature needs.