Her super power: Being different!

Daron Dean : Science Nerd/Model/Dog Mom


Natural Models LA’s Curve Model Daron Dean’s insatiable curiosity for things around her at a young age provided her an early desire for biology. Even though Daron is a model, education is still a main priority. Daron began her modeling career after her mom entered her into a modeling contest in her town mall. Despite her self-doubts, Daron won and was signed to an agency in Seattle. However, upon her agent telling her that she couldn’t simultaneously get an education and start a modeling career, she chose education. As a self-proclaimed science nerd, she studied biology in college. After getting her degree, she moved to LA and signed with Natural Models LA. Since then, Daron has shot for Wet Seal, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Target, and Nike. You’ve likely also seen her in the Hulu series Shrill. 

Between modeling gigs and castings, she was going to school. Even now, she simultaneously models and attends nursing school. Although she seems to never sleep, she finds a way to make it all work because she has a passion for all that she does. She loves modeling and she loves that she doesn’t have to give it up to continue to pursue higher education and her dreams.

Less than a year ago, Daron started hosting Refinery29’s Deep Dive with Daron on Twitch. It streams every Tuesday at 5 pm PST. She hosts this weekly live-streaming series to cover a range of science-based topics. She touches on climate change, the science of hangovers, coffee, and skincare. She used to do pop culture and science segments with a different network, but those segments got cancelled unexpectedly. One of her friends began working at Refinery29 around that time and was interested in putting a few different streams up through Twitch. She asked Daron if it was something she was interested in, and Daron jumped right on it! One thing Daron is passionate about is getting other people excited and curious about the world around them by explaining complex science topics in a way anyone can understand. Daron feels lucky enough to have a female aerospace engineer, a female body systems engineer, and a female climate scientist on her stream. She gets inspired by women like them and wants to inspire other women to get into STEM!

She does have struggles, though. Currently, Daron is struggling with balancing work, school, and a non-existent social life. She has had to put relationships on the back burner, say no to hanging out, and keep her head in books for a few months now. 

Daron’s lifehack is “kill people with kindness”. Her go-to style tip is “dress for yourself, not to impress others”. If that means sneakers instead of stilettos, ROCK IT. So many people dress to appease other people or keep up with trends, which ends up making them feel uncomfortable because they don’t feel like themselves. The most confident, sexy people are at peace with themselves. When you’re at peace with yourself, you can wear anything and your confidence is what makes the outfit pop.