Our Lives Are Meant To Be Lived Helping Others

Dr. Lola Adeyemi : Founder of MentoringHer

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I was a sickly child, in and out of hospitals due to my asthma and poor health in general. I was actually also born in a car on the way to the hospital, so I had an eventful entry into this world. I had minor surgeries here and there and major surgery when I was 10 for an appendectomy, which postoperatively became infected and then, I had sepsis but survived. Due to my personal experiences, I fell in love with Mother Theresa, and that further entrenched in my young mind that our lives were meant to be lived helping others.

I completed my bachelor of surgery and medicine from Nigeria and got my Master

of Public Health from John Hopkins. Medicine has changed so much since I started my career. I started as a green-eyed, fresh-faced physician where the health challenges facing the world were communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Now we have moved to non-communicable diseases, like cancers and hypertension. The nature of the healthcare landscape has changed so much in my professional experience as best told by the fact that 10 years after graduating as a physician, my master’s thesis topic at Harvard was on “Climate Change and Disease Trends”.

More recently, I’ve started a new company ( MentoringHer ) that differs completely from my educational background.

Mentoring Her is a social online platform that virtually connects women mentees with women mentors globally in areas relating to education, career, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment. I am now in a position where I am not an expert in the field and am learning a lot from experts in technology. I feel grateful to be surrounded by amazing talent and hope to one day leave a legacy of touching the lives of others in a memorable way.