When entrepreneurship is something you’re born to do

Jennifer Ortiz : Founder of Ambitionista box


Since my adolescent years, I had an innate craving to run my own business someday. I never saw myself as not being a CEO and I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else. In college, I opened an Etsy store and after selling a few thousand items online, part-time - I knew when the time came to pursue my venture full-time, I would be more than capable.

I started my career as a professional graphic designer for a large B2B publishing and events company in NYC and immediately knew that I wanted more. I made a transition from graphic designer to creative strategist to director of marketing in a four-year time frame. It came to a point where I loved what I was doing, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to feel the push to keep climbing the ladder. In January of 2018, I decided to leave the marketing/data agency world and pursue a business of my own.  

I started the Ambitionista Box for women that want to receive products and resources they can use in the office or at home. Every other month, our members receive a carefully curated box of 6+ products; including business and personal development resources to keep you inspired and motivated, amazing products from women-owned brands. You get products  like stationery, office supplies & decor, wellness, self-care, accessories, beauty products and more.

For me, the experience has been very challenging yet rewarding. I have days when things are not perfect, and I question if I should keep at it. However, those thoughts are quickly silenced by the drive to not live off of someone else’s time. My motivation comes from being able to give back whether through mentorship, advocacy, and being a resource for others experiencing similar challenges.