Property and Community Building

Angela Liou : Realtor/Real Estate Developer, Founding Member of STEM’ED SF

Angela Liou.jpg

Aside from childhood dreams of being a crazy famous singer, I’ve always loved architecture and real estate. As I entered early adulthood the more “practical” the latter seemed so I started to embark on this real estate path. It led me to not only selling real estate but also developing and producing the product which so inspires me.  Being a Silicon Valley native, it was only a matter of time that my world would inevitably converge with the STEM world.

My very own neighbors and clients became successful startup founders and their stories incited me to really appreciate the abundance of resources and the potential in pursuing one's passion in the fields of STEM, even if the odds seem against you at first.

Eventually, I started being asked to be on the Board of Advisors for Y-Combinator backed companies or as Co-founder for other Start-Ups, etc. Although I’m focused on real estate im still actively integrating both worlds as they surprisingly overlap often.

Over the years my exposure to STEM has skyrocketed and I’ve just been surrounded by a lot of breakthroughs and resources so it was only natural for me to be more involved in the community. That’s not to glaze over the setbacks and difficulties with-in the industries but to view them as something to build on and improve. For instance, the rise of all things STEM gives way to the need to cultivate awareness and reflection for such things like toxic-entrepreneurship and so forth.

As one of the founding members of STEM’ED we are working on building out the STEM’ED SF community to help inspire and uplift others not only professionally but personally as well. I think as STEM advances the composition of who and what is involved in its evolution is pretty important for our futures. I believe one way to balance these factors is to host discussions on the topic as a means to increase our avenues of learning and contemplations regarding the disciplines.