Building a Community Around STEM

Alina Savu : Co-Founder Data Engineering Club and Founding Member STEM’ED


Early on, I’ve had a neverending list of big dreams for when I will grow up. I remember keeping an entire diary of who the future me will become. I was a creative and empathic child who loved to get lost in the books I was reading. With every new inspiring character, a new future identity was born.

Entries in my journal: scientist, writer, detective.  In high school, I started going through a reverse process. It was no longer important to me to think of any vocation under the sun. As a teenager, my choices were made mainly through resisting the path that most of my classmates were taking.

My Philosophy teacher suggested the Communications Major to me one year before college and it impacted my future. I studied in Romania for most of my life and the education system puts a lot of emphasis on STEM. To do well in school, you’ll need to focus on Math, Languages, Natural Sciences, and Chemistry, all at the same time! Back home, I considered myself more of a rebel not chasing a STEM career growing up.

Some of my closest friends, including my sister, studied Civil Engineering and Computer Science. Listening to their projects, I’ve become interested in their applications and very respectful of their rigor. What originally made me study Communications and Branding was the idea that you can elevate a project and get support for it with the right positioning and messaging strategy.  

My interest in STEM peaked when I moved to the Bay Area, 5 years ago, and I’ve started to organize events for STEM communities, enabling them to grow. I'm a passionate Events Planner who loves building communities in tech and the social impact space. I manage a number of exciting projects as an Independent Event Planner. I am the co-founder and organizer of Data Engineering Club, a rising community of 400+ data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts where I plan technical meetups.  I am also the founding member of STEM'ED SF -, a new speaker series in SF who aims at spotlighting STEM immigrant women founders, and the Events and Partnerships Lead for Women4Good, a community of almost 1,000 Bay Area women with a passion for social impact.