The Power of Community

Sponsored by : Wonder Women Tech

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Initially, I didn't think I belonged in STEM. I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough in comparison to other people. I was first exposed to STEM because of my work with the Wonder Women Tech Conference. It’s been so cool to see all the innovation and the people behind it. Wonder Women Tech focuses on highlighting diversity and inclusion in STEAM, and it’s been amazing to be surrounded by the “non-stereotypical” tech person. To see them asking questions and getting honest, clear answers. To be surrounded by people that know you are capable and that you deserve to be here and (most importantly) that you belong. As a result of attempting something new for the experience of it, I’ve built a lovely career in an industry that is booming that I can make my own imprint in. I now support Wonder Women Tech with Programming, Marketing and I hold the position of Resident Master of Ceremonies. I also have two of my own businesses really focused on building self-love and confidence.

Cheryl’s opinion on how the tech industry has changed.

I’ve been in STEM for a few years now and I love how companies are finally starting to realize the “bro-corp” model doesn’t work for everything, and that they are slowing down innovation by not understanding the needs of every person.  Everyone has different needs and wants to be seen and fortunately companies are realizing that acknowledging, celebrating and including these new perspectives makes them so much stronger.

Cherly on her biggest struggle:

For me, there are a lot of new branches of my life that are growing within both my personal and professional life.  I get overwhelmed and anxious at times, so I have to be okay with letting myself walk away from something or take a breath or a nap and come back to it. Also asking for help is key.  This can be someone that does you a favor or someone that you pay, either way, you have to stay on course and bring in people so you can do all the amazing things you are really meant to do.

LIfe hack : I shudder when people tell me they don’t use auto text (or text replacement) on their phones.(Click this link for more details)  This has been the biggest life saver, especially when it’s something you type all the time like an email address or a link to an event or your calendar.