Saving Sick Children, One Heart At A Time

Mehreen Iqbal : Pediatric Cardiology Fellow

Photography : @maria_boguslav

Photography : @maria_boguslav

I specialize in the care of children that are born with heart problems.

I feel in love with medicine after reading a book called “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder. This book was about how we need to focus on the marginalized community by giving them access to quality healthcare. The main underlying idea is that everyone has dignity. This book showed a perfect combination of social justice and Medicine. For me, medicine provided that perfect vehicle and that motivated me throughout my journey. I am now a Pediatric Cardiology Fellow in the last phase of my training. I specialize in the care of children that are born with heart problems.  

What really fascinates me about science is how a human develops from literally a small dot into a fully grown human being. It was interesting to learn that most babies are born healthy despite the many things that could go wrong while a baby is developing in the womb.

When things don’t go right especially if their heart doesn’t develop normally, it’s my job to come in and hopefully get them on the road to recovery. It is interesting to think of the heart as a pump and what it does for our body.

The heart is an interesting combination of physics and things happening on a molecular level. It’s pumping blood to the organs in your body and if things are not connected normally in it, we have a big problem. Cardiology offers a puzzle of sorts that allows you to understand how to reroute things so that you can save someone’s life.

During my pediatric residency, I was happy to be given the privilege of being allowed in the life of my patients. I get to be part of all the intimate moments’ and sort of become a member of their journey. The journey starts from diagnosis to treatment and hopefully ends on recovery. Being a part of this incredible journey and playing a role in giving them happiness in the form of health is what makes medicine special.

I want to contribute to the legacy of medicine and make it easier for people to get access to healthcare facilities.  

On a personal level, I want to make sure my interactions with my patients or colleagues lead to a feeling of positivity. I love what I do and I   think that studying science makes me a geek; it has actually enabled me to save the lives of infant’s, and there is no greater calling than being able to save a child’s life.