A Buddy in Mental Health

Christina Emerson


The product will serve as a platform for individuals seeking tools and resources to preventative take care of their mental health. I designed custom machine learned algorithms to not only collect the data the user logs into our system daily but to readily deliver this information to their therapist or doctor they provided on the system. The user if they do not have a doctor listed would get suggestions on improving their mental health from Buddy who is our AI bot that assists users while on the platform. I am the founder of this organization Christina Emerson I have formed multiple companies in my all in total of 15 years in IT. I have been bootstrapping my company and working independently up till 2018 but have since grown a team of other females and am getting ready to fundraise a pre seed round for more growth of our product. This will be the first time that I pursue the fundraising route through angel and vc ventures. I'm highly passionate about mental healthcare and working collaboratively to show individuals that tech is not a means to replace individuals but to work as an upper hand advantage to solve challenging problems we face day to day.