Combining Tech and Fashion

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TracksRacks Founded by Tara Robinson


When I entered college, I was a biology major. As I progressed, I knew chemistry was a battle I’d never win so I decided to switch to International Business. I came up with the idea for my company while doing my MBA in fashion management and entrepreneurship. Even though I won my capstone project and it was received well by my peers I thought “well I have to enter the real world now.” So I got a job in the fashion industry and eventually became the marketing manager of a Canadian shoe retailer with 120 stores by the age of 23. Since I was always working with the web and development team for our e-commerce site I was able to develop the language to talk to developers and learn more about tech. So I starting working on my company with a freelance development team while still at my job. When I was months out of having an MVP and was receiving increased customer interest, I quit my job and began focusing on my company, TracksRacks full time. TracksRacks is an all in one web-based management service for fashion companies.

Startup life is though, especially as a solo female founder. Nothing happens overnight. You think that if you build this great product the money and customers will come but you have to constantly put yourself and your idea out there to get any traction. Also, people support the idea of a startup initially but if it doesn’t fit the image they have in their mind they start to doubt your decision. On top of that, may female founders face societal pressures from family and the greater community for taking on such a demanding task like launching a company when you don’t have a family or partner as of yet. I have received a lot of comments from family that suggest I am putting all of my attention on the wrong thing in this crucial period of my womanhood.

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