What Dreams Are Made Of

Sansan Fibri

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Sansan Fibri is the founder & CEO of DreaMe - the first and only ML-powered dream interpretation app, providing people with personalized self-insights derived from their nightly dreams. Having studied Jungian dream analysis and being a self-starter (formerly a film & tv screenwriter and producer), DreaMe was created as a result of Sansan’s own dissatisfaction with the misleading information on Google, dream dictionary books or websites, with regards to dreams, their function and meanings. According to the World Health Organization, We live in times of stress & depression reaching worldwide epidemic level and a boom in technology that enables people to self-care of their mental and emotional wellbeing. World leading mental-health and sleep-health institutions found that dream therapy increases self-awareness and self-acceptance, while reducing stress & anxiety, thus improving sleep, another chronic issue of our times. While dreams can only be looked at in a highly personalized environment, traditional methods of in-person therapy are too costly, inaccessible and carrying social stigma. On the other hand, A.I. and ML technologies available today are able to process this kind of personalized data on a scale no one human mind can. These tools can also make dream therapy an affordable, accessible and private daily self-care practice.