Pretty Pockets For Fantastic Moms

Founder : Madhu Challa


Pretty Pokets is an elegant and practical diaper bag for all the fantastic moms out there. The bag has a unique patent pending diaper dispenser, and trash/wipes bag dispenser feature that sets it apart from other diaper bags on the market.
Madhu Challa is the Founder of Pretty Pokets. Madhu was a hardware engineer in Intel Corporation for ten years. During her time at Intel, Madhu mentored a girls team in a tech Challenge. Seeing the idea take life, re-ignited her creative spirit and helped her come up with a problem she had as a new mom(that is her diaper bag).
Madhu wanted a bag that was both stylish and functional. She often saw two issues with the diaper bags that existed in the market. One was that parents would often dig for diapers and other was parents not having a quick and easy method to throw the soiled diapers(because a parent never knows when and where she/he has to change the diapers!). This motivated her to re-design the bag to have a diaper dispenser and trash bag dispenser and yet look stylish and elegant.
With no degree in Fashion, Design, or Manufacturing, Madhu took the bold set to bring the bag to life. She launched the first version of the bag in 2017. After receiving much love and great feedback from moms, Madhu re-branded and re-launched the version two of the bag in 2018.