Beauty For Good

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Well-Kept Beauty Founded by Sheena Franklin


I did not think I would be a founder, especially a tech startup. I actually saw my self leading the government relations/public affairs division for a beauty company or the NBA. Two very different industries but fundamentally the same. From a business and operations perspective, I focused on the two industries that interest me the most. I eventually got the opportunity to work on cosmetic regulatory reform. I saw first hand the challenges faced by the industry and the gaps within the market. Unfortunately, I also experienced the painful side effects of using expired products and the wrong natural ingredients for my skin that left me with severe hyperpigmentation and acne that required several cortisone shots. So, I set out to create a company that would use data and expertise from professionals that would bring all the moving pieces together to improve the at-home beauty experience, product development, and retail experience.

Even though I love what I do, I think it’s wrong to glorify startup life. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and it’s okay to come to the conclusion for you and your career that you are not an entrepreneur.  Also, you don’t have to hustle every moment of every day to be successful. It's important to know that we need time to mentally rest, recover, and refocus. This journey has been a very interesting one, full of faith and stretching myself outside of my comfort zones - mostly those I did not realize I had until now.