Nevertheless, They Persist: How women survive, resist and engage to succeed in Silicon Valley

Author : Nadejda Marques

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This book is the result of seven years in Silicon Valley and over 100 focused interviews with women in a range of professions. Through the narratives of women whose lived experience spans decades and scores of institutions, it seeks to understand the history of sexism and current gender dynamics in the Valley. It presents stories of survival, resistance, courage and insistence of women who refuse to accept today what has always been a given: that Silicon Valley is run by and for men, with little understanding or concern for the impact of this unquestioned sexism on women. This book also presents an alternative path which might be taken identifying approaches and ideas that can lead us to a different, better, more egalitarian, and also more profitable future. As such, the book is both a study and a guide. It seeks to inform and question, but also to prepare and arm women--and men--to engage and succeed in Silicon Valley.