Founder : Hillary Lin

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Hillary is a doctor and CEO of GutSavvy, which sells colorectal cancer testing that people can perform at home. Hillary was a long-time resident in Silicon Valley, where she completed her schooling and medical training at Stanford. During her time there, she became deeply interested in scaling up impact via entrepreneurship and worked on several early stage startups in the healthcare space. When she moved to NYC in 2018, her focus turned toward cancer prevention and, with her veteran entrepreneur co-founder, she started GutSavvy. Her goal is to eliminate this highly preventable yet common cancer which is the 2nd leaving cause of cancer death and which is rising in the younger adult population. GutSavvy offers genetic risk analyses as well as FDA-approved home tests to detect colorectal cancer. While their focus is direct to consumer for now, the long-term focus will be both on the DTC market and the B2B market (physician clinics and insurers).