How An Ex White House Employee Is Changing The Narrative Of Moms Of Color In Tech


I have a Masters degree in urban policy from The New School University in New York. I was in government and politics for over 15 years where I worked in the White House and Senate before moving out to San Francisco. Recently, I have been bit by the entrepreneurial bug and have started my own company focused on moms of color. It is a social impact company where I connect moms of color to opportunities.  I want to change the narrative of how moms of color are viewed in society by highlighting successful moms of color and showing young girls and women that balance a career and family is possible. A lot of the moms that I talk to struggle with the guilt of being at work and away from their children. This struggle makes them stressed out at work and at home. If I can help them find a balance, they can continue their careers and bring the unique perspective of moms to products and company culture. They are slowly learning to be more kind to themselves but it’s not an easy mindset to change.

After becoming a mom myself I realized all the challenges that it comes with. I felt like I wasn’t being a good mom, a good employee or a good wife. It took me a while to recalibrate and realize that it’s okay to take some time to be a mom and focus on your kids. I felt like I was beating myself up through the process of going to work and caring for a child. After having my second kid I was like ‘Oh My God! This is not an easy thing’ especially for women of color. It was important for me to see other women of color that were thriving as leaders and as moms. This is why I wanted to create a platform that encouraged women to live out their dreams and pursue their ambition even if they were a mother. I want to work with companies to change the work dynamic of moms of color and I am starting in the tech industry. I want to help moms of color get into tech and want to help companies cultivate mom friendly environments.

Being comfortable with asking for money for my business is a struggle for me. The only way I am going to take my business to the next level is by getting capital. Selling a tech product in Silicon Valley is easy. Selling the value of moms, not so much. Trying to get people to understand a business focused on a strong community rather than an app is an uphill battle.