Founder : Susan Sierota

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Imagine how you would feel if a member of your family were sick, had been silently suffering for months and you had no idea until after you lost them. And, if you knew something was wrong earlier you would have been able to help and potentially even save their life. This is happening every day in over 60M homes a year in the US alone, who consider their dog a member of the family. A few years ago, when Susan lost her dog Mulligan to Cancer, she was devastated when she learned that dogs intentionally hide pain. She didn’t KNOW he needed her to help. She had let him down.

Waggit, the future of pet health, is a collar that collects enormous amounts of data about your pet’s health--changes in vitals, eating habits, sleeping habits, activity patterns, and also location. And what it does is allow those 60M families to discover potentially life-threatening health issues in their dogs, BEFORE it’s too late. The collar itself is just the entry point to integrated services and then the data as the data does not exist today and is extremely valuable to service providers, pet insurance, Pharma, Food Manufacturers and more. Pet parents are getting it! From our $200K in pre-sales of the product, to our 130K followers of the brand on Facebook, the over 150 dog influencers who have reached out to be affiliates, and the pictures and videos they get every day from out amazing community telling their stories and why they need a Waggit. Waggit is in the middle of full commercialization and will be shipping collars in the beginning of January 2019.