Founder : Jenny Thompson

SafetyPIN.Badge.Final (1).png

SafetyPIN is a virtual trust badge that shows you've passed a criminal background check, financial background screening, and ID verification and a behavioral review. Adding it to your profile on any platform is the best way to let people know they can choose you because they can trust you.

After 20 years as CEO for a CPG and publishing business, Jenny Thompson was ready for something new. She'd taken that business from $2M to $70M and wanted the next challenge. Unsure what she would do next, she planned a trip. When she got home, she realized her Craigslist dog sitter never stayed at her place and asked for some of her money back. Instead of refunding the $150, Sarah, the dog sitter, faked her own death...seriously. Jenny decided she needed a better way to vet people, dove in head first, and SafetyPIN was born.