Founder : Chitra Kanagaraj

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Schools today are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of technological resources and softwares available to them, but an incredibly small amount of them figure into school safety and none looked to regulate, automate, and track dismissals that were often chaotic and dangerous for everyone involved. During dismissal, children get into pretty much whatever car they want to, and there is no direction, save for the occasional frazzled teacher with a clipboard and a walkie-talkie trying to keep it under control. After both being given the wrong child and our child almost being directed into a stranger’s car, we realized not only the safety issues of the current system but the massive liability the school has for mistakes that happen during that time. PikMyKid is helping schools with simple, user friendly tools and a process to identify every parent, guardian, or assigned driver that comes onto campus and streamlining traffic around the carline, while also supplying an emergency alert system that teachers can use to contact the appropriate authorities in unsafe situations. Our system makes the experience safer and hassle free for both parents and staff, and we enjoy making life easier for these hardworking people. Every day I come into work knowing that what I’m doing is keeping children like mine feeling safe at school and protecting their futures, and nothing feels better than that.