Dream Chatter

Founder: Mega Sugianto

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Dream Chatter empowers moms in remote villages in Sumba, Indonesia, through weaving. We provide supplies, better than fair wages for our artisans and education for their children. We happen to make handbags.

Mega Sugianto, the founder, had read about poverty, watched videos and heard stories. And it wasn't until she came to several villages in Sumba, Indonesia, to see it for herself. Dozens of families live together in a village without clean water, children's hair - infested with lice, and children have to walk miles to school without shoes (if they're lucky to go). Moms and dads asked for her help. She started Dream Chatter with them in mind: to create a sustainable job. Something that would empower parents - to build confidence in them and their children. She makes sure that our artisans get paid better than fair wage, that they get all the supplies they need and their children get the funding to send them to school.