MoMo Wallet

Founder : Natalie Forood


As a busy Mom of 3 girls, software engineer and entrepreneur, I was frequently approached by other MoMs who would ask for advice on products and services for their homes and families. I became a walking, talking, and emailing “Angie's List / Groupon / RetailMeNot” for the busy Mom, but a lot better ;-). I quickly realized that what was missing was an all-encompassing app that would find and organize products and services based on a busy MoM’s needs and interests. And in a blink of an eye (or maybe many blinks), the MoMoWallet app was born!

It’s a digital wallet that aggregates, curates and organizes online, in store, email and paper promotions all in one convenient feed. But there was a big missing link - small business owners did not have an easy and convenient way to promote their services. By developing a powerful merchant campaign portal, we gave the small business owners complete control over how and when they promote their products and services as well who they chose to reach. The proprietary matching algorithm creates a custom feed that is tailored to each MoM ensuring that the business owner reaches the right audience based on interests. MoMoWallet is the only deal locator app that pulls together all your favorite offers into one feed to keep you organized (or in MoM speak – keep you sane) and to save you time and money. Love getting promotional emails, BUT hate the Inbox clutter?! MoMoWallet will import all the promotions you love into your MoMoWallet feed automatically!

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