Her STEM Story

Host : Prasha S Dutra


Being a Mechanical Engineer I was surprised, that at one point all my engineering teammates at work were women, women from all around the world! I was very proud of our diverse team. It gave me hope for the future of women in STEM. I was telling this story to my 14 year old cousin, when I had an epiphany! Why isn’t anyone talking to women like me and my teammates? So in December 2017, I created “Her STEM Story” a podcast/ blog about extraordinary stories of ordinary women in STEM. By ordinary I mean REAL! Real women who are just starting their STEM careers, women who have created communities to close the gender gap, and women who are researching on multitude of topics, from sharks to the sun!! This platform aims at sharing the struggles, victo- ries, and lessons that these AMAZING women have learnt through their STEM journeys.

I really want to spread the message that we all have a UNIQUE story! I hope these stories can inspire young girls/ women to join and stay in STEM professions! So far we have interviewed 35 women from around the world and have hosted 3 events including an online conference.
You can learn more about us, and how you can contribute by visiting us at www.herstemstory.com and follow us on Twitter , Instagram & Facebook @herstem-
The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and on the link below: https://herstemstory.com