Founders : Selina Tobaccowala and Al Lieb


Gixo is a fitness app with a mission to help people move more by making live workouts with personal trainers accessible to everyone. The experience is a hybrid of a live studio workout and a workout video, with the engagement and community of a trainer-led live class combined with the convenience of a digital workout. The difference from other  “live” fitness apps is that Gixo provides two-way communication with Coaches who can give instant feedback and stats coupled with modifications and motivation, which helps achieve better results and prevents injury. Users can work out from home, the office, their neighborhood, or the great outdoors — turning their phones into a portable personal trainer with support in real-time from a caring Coach.

Gixo co-founders, Selina Tobaccowala and Al Lieb have used technology throughout their careers to enhance and improve real-life experiences. Gixo bridges the experience gap between awesome, but inaccessible, in-person studio workouts and boring, yet inexpensive, pre-recorded digital content. Gixo coaches are dedicated to holding members accountable by providing a structured plan, ongoing communication, and motivation in spades. 

Prior to founding Gixo, Selina served as President and Chief Technology Officer for SurveyMonkey, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology for Ticketmaster Europe and Vice President of Online Product and Technology for Entertainment Publications. Before that, Selina served as Vice President of Engineering and Co-Founder of Evite, which she started with Gixo co-founder Al Lieb and ultimately launched her career in technology. Selina is a graduate of Stanford University, with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.