Daily Haloha

CEO & Co-Founder : Amy Giddon

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Daily Haloha is a mobile app for Social Wellbeing. It is designed to uplift and inspire each of, and all of us. It serves up a daily 3-minute flow of reflection and connection, prompted by a single thought-provoking fill-in-the-blank style question.

If you feel that “we’re all in this together” has been replaced by “us vs. them”, you’re hardly alone. Many of today’s apps have brought out the worst in us, polarizing us further, and preying on our anxieties. Instead, Daily Haloha mirrors the uplifting power of art and storytelling projects that invite participation and connect us to our shared humanity. It’s anonymous, and judgment-free. Creative and refreshing.

Daily Haloha's founder, Amy Giddon, studied Computer Science and Economics in college, but pursued a career in management consulting and financial services. She maintained a deep appreciation for the power of technology to democratize access to services, and to facilitate communication - but did not return to technology until she had the inspiration to create the Daily Haloha mobile app. She supports women in realizing their ambitions - at any age and any stage.