Changing the narrative of women in the media.


Media stereotypes portraying people in STEM as nerdy, anti-social, and unpopular negatively impact the number of women who choose those careers. By 2020, there will be 2 million unfilled STEM jobs and today, women only make up 24% of those roles. That’s a huge global price to pay for gender inequality. The stereotypes combined with a lack of representation of STEM women in senior roles make girls shy away from these careers even if they are good at math and science.

That’s where I come in. I’m Nitasha, the founder of Unboxd. I was tired of gender norms, cultural expectations, and lack of media representation of STEM women. No media brand combined the lifestyle/fashion visuals of vogue-style magazines and the content of science and technology magazines. I started Unboxd to house the stories of like-minded women who straddle norms, inspire others, and push boundaries.


Change the narrative of women in media.

To meet this goal, we publish stories of badass women in STEM who inspire and are determined break down the STEM gender gap. We take you behind the scenes with some of the biggest female innovators in the science and tech industry. We also have a strong global network of women with science and technology backgrounds who contribute to the platform. Learn about the latest trends in science and technology by subscribing below!